Cleaning your floors and furniture is no easy task. It’s not like countertops or windows that shine when they’re clean. Often times, there’s a lot of tiny little specs of dirt and dust that you can’t see by just looking.

This is especially true for dog or cat owners who have to deal with all that shedding fur. If you really want clean, you have to invest in a good vacuum that will really suck those hairs out. To get you started, why not check out what we have to say about the latest vacuums.

Shark NV42 Review in 2019

About the Brand

When it comes to vacuums, Shark is not an unfamiliar name. They have a knack for making vacuums of all kinds–upright, cordless, and even robot ones! Over the last few years, they have been gradually building up their reputation and are still known to make some quality vacuums. There’s definitely some user satisfaction that can back this up, too. Surveys from Consumer Reports showed that 53% of Shark vacuum owners were completely satisfied with the results.

Shark NV42 ReviewFeatures

  • Weight 15 lbs
  • 10-feet hose
  • 1200-watt motor
  • Dust cup capacity 1 dry quart
  • Includes 5.5″ Crevice Tool and Dusting Brush

What we liked 

Easy to Navigate

The height on this one is, unfortunately, not adjustable, but that doesn’t prove to be an issue at all say reviews. It is designed at the optimal height to make it easy to move around without any adjustments.

An added bonus that also boosts its maneuverability is the fact that it’s so lightweight! Whether you’re a housewife or a college student, you can lift this vacuum up to clean your sofa with no problem!

Long Range

This vacuum comes with a 1200-watt motor and a 25-feet power cord. That’s long enough to cover most areas in your house without difficulty! There might be some times where the cord would loop around the base or your legs because it’s so long, so just hold the cord, on one hand, to keep it away from your feet. The cord is lightweight, too. Note that it doesn’t have an auto rewind system, though.

Easy to Assemble

If you’re living on your own for the first time and have never really put together a machine before, don’t worry! Assembly for this vacuum is straightforward and really easy. There has yet to be a user who hasn’t figured it out.

The hardest thing you’ll need to do is just attaching nuts and bolts, so you can set it up in just ten minutes. Also if you accidentally suck up socks or other unintended items, getting them out is no issue either. The hose comes off fairly easy when needed.

Strong Suction

One of the things that makes this vacuum a cut above the rest is its Never Loses Suction technology. This gives it a very powerful suction that you might even need to adjust depending on the type of job you need to do. How this works is that it uses circular airflow to separate the dirt.

Adjusting is no problem, too! All you need to do is release the hose to make it easier to push and pull, so it also decreases suction power. You don’t have to worry about it degrading over time too because even after a year, it’s still as powerful as when you first used it.


It also has different settings for different kinds of floors. If the suction option isn’t what you need, the Shark NV42 has a brush roll for deep cleaning carpets. This option is great for all you pet owners out there because you can easily get rid of fur on the floor on the furniture with this! It helps that it’s such an easy function to use. You just flip the on/off switch whenever you need to.

Large Dust Bin

Another apparent and quite helpful feature of the Shark NV42 is its dust capacity. For one, it’s transparent, so you can easily monitor how much dirt you’ve collected. Second, it’s fairly large compared to other vacuums, holding up to 2 liters. Some users have said that it felt like it was filling up quite fast, but they also noted that it was because of how much the suction was taking in.

Lastly, their dustbin is detachable and opens on both ends, which is quite convenient when you need to clean it out. All you need is to press a few buttons to open the ends, so you won’t end up making up a mess after changing the bin.

Efficient Filtration

Aside from the dustbin, this vacuum also has removable filters that you can wash instead of replacing! It has pre-motor foam filters, pre-motor felt filter and post-motor filters. These features work alongside the Never Loses Suction to avoid dust from getting into the machine.

The suction tech’s air motions minimize clogging while these filters prevent dust from escaping. These filters are fairly easy to maintain, but you have to keep track of clogging as it doesn’t have anything that will indicate the need for washing. Cleaning the filters is necessary if you want to keep the suction power.

Not too Loud

We’re pretty sure that the one issue everyone has with vacuums is the noise. Not with this vacuum, though! It’s not completely silent but in comparison to other vacuums, it has a relatively low noise level.

What we  don’t like

Customer Service

One of the common issues users have with buying the Shark NV42 is the customer service of the company itself. When it comes resolving their issues and addressing their concerns, they have trouble contacting or getting assistance from them.

Suction Too Strong

While in most cases stronger and more powerful vacuums are preferred, it’s not the case when you’re doing jobs that require less force. A lot of users note that despite having a brush roll, removing fine per hairs from carpets and furniture can be difficult. This is usually because the vacuum is quite strong that it tends to suck up even the item you’re trying to clean.

Shark NV42 ReviewWhat do users say?

The Shark NV42 has been well-received by the market so far! It has gained more than 2000 positive reviews on Amazon, which makes up 88% of its overall reviews. Users are definitely more than satisfied with the performance of this vacuum. It’s also a favorite among college students and first-time cleaners! It’s general user-friendly ability coupled with its high power make it very useful for those in dorms and apartments.

A lot of users were actually quite surprised with how much dust and dirt they’ve collected with this vacuum. Many users note that they had initially thought that it had a low dust capacity because of how quickly it filled up. However, they realized it was because there was so much dirt that was left over from their last vacuum!


We highly recommend getting this vacuum, especially if you live in a cramped house with a lot of small spaces. It definitely has enough reach, and you can easily maneuver it around tight corners and spaces.

If you’re looking to do some deep cleaning and really get the dust out of the floor, this one has the power that does just that. With this vacuum, we guarantee that you’ll be pulling out large chunks of dust and hairballs that you never thought you’d have!


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