Different people search for different features when shopping for a vacuum cleaner. Some look for an affordable price, others for positive customer comments and impressive features.If you’re searching for honest reviews, you’ve come to the right place, especially if you’re a fan of Shark vacuum cleaners. Today, we’ll share our honest opinion on a new model, Shark Navigator Lift-Away review Professional NV356E. So, if you’re interested in buying it, we suggest that you read this article first and take into consideration these pieces of information.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Review

What is Shark Navigator Upright

Shark Navigator Upright represents a multi-tasking vacuum cleaner that was designed for satisfying all the needs of modern customers who look for all-in-one products. One of the most impressive features of these machines is the HEPA filter made to remove allergens, oversized dust cup, and swivel steering. It doesn’t make noise while cleaning which is great.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356EIt’s nothing like the ordinary vacuum cleaners you have seen before. On the contrary, it’s very modern and special. It will allow you to divide the head from the canister, something that’s important when it comes to reaching all the “hard-to-reach” spots around the home.If you buy this model, you get a dusting brush, an 8-inch crevice tool, dust-away bare floor attachment with 2 nice microfiber pads, a pet power brush and a 30-foot-long power cord.

So, if you’re up for a modern gadget that will help you clean the home fast, this model is for you. It’s a dream come true for pet owners because of the pet power brush that will make sure every fiber on the carpet is removed. A truly amazing product for everyone. However, just like any other product in the market, this one has its pros and cons as well. If you want to learn more about the pros and cons of Shark Navigator Lift-Away review Upright, read on

Why do I need one?

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356EPros of Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional

  • It’s very quiet while working unlike other vacuum cleaners, which is important, especially if you have pets or small children who might get disturbed by the sound.
  • It has an affordable price and costs much less than other cleaners with advanced performance and impressive modern features. Definitely, worth every single penny.
  • It’s easy to clean and maintain. Also, it removes dog/cat hair like no other cleaner on the market thanks to the great suction capability and powerful performance.
  • Easy to move around and easy to work with thanks to the long cord. It arrives with different modern features unlike other vacuum cleaners for the same price.
  • The washable filters are very affordable, however, the power button is placed in the weirdest spot. It’s important to know that the body separates to clean stairs.
  • It will suck everything from 4 inches away, especially pet hair. According to the positive reviews online, it’ll turn the cleaning into an interesting and fun task to do.
  • Each attachment is clearly named as well as different spots on the cleaner itself in order to simplify the cleaning process. It works amazingly with couches and sofas thanks to the powerful performance. And it’s very quiet which is another advantage.
  • Highly recommended for cat owners and people who don’t mind spending money on a quality vacuum cleaner. Once you purchase it, it will serve you for a very long time.

Cons of Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional

  • Some of the customers don’t like the design. They think that the company could have done a much better job when designing it. However, it’s all up to their personal taste. Something that doesn’t look good to someone, might appear great to others.
  • It has a very heavy head like other vacuum cleaners. And, the brush is difficult to clean which is another disadvantage. However, if you don’t mind this, buy it today.
  • Just like with most vacuum cleaners, you have to use the foot to navigate the body.
  • Sucking up cat litter in one pass is a challenge. Also, some buyers claim that not all the features that come along don’t fit the cleaner and they would like a longer cord.
  • It works horribly on the plush carpet. So, if you have this type of carpet, it’s suggested that you avoid this type of Shark vacuum cleaner. Also, you’ll have to dump it twice.

Final thoughts

Final thoughts on Shark Navigator Lift-Away review Professional, Despite the few disadvantages, the Shark Navigator Upright is an amazing vacuum cleaner that will make you fall in love at first use, according to the tons of positive reviews online. As you can notice from the list of pros, it’s amazing for hair and sucks it from four inches away. And let’s not forget that’s all-in-one vacuum cleaner that will meet your every need.

If you live in a large home with your pets and kids, this is the best vacuum cleaner for you. It will turn cleaning into a fun task. It arrives with a 30-inches-long power cord, despite all the negative reviews by customers who say that they would appreciate an even longer one. If you’re not that concerned for the heavy head, the alleged “poor” design and the fact that it’s going to be difficult to clean cat litter, don’t hesitate to buy this workhorse now.

It’s one of the best modern vacuum cleaners that will help you clean your home in no time. Also, it’s rich in features which is very important because we all have different homes with different corners and ‘untouchable’ spots. However, even hard-to-reach places will fall for this vacuum cleaner. An amazing product at a fair price that’s definitely worth your money.

Well, there you go, guys! That was our honest review of this product based on the positive and negative reviews we found online. And who can tell better about the quality, features, and performance of a product if not reviews of verified customers who actually bought it?


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