How to empty shark vacuum

How to empty shark vacuum When to empty the dust container? Should we wash the dust cup? These are the very common question about a shark vacuum. And now here we have answered these questions in this article. Just go through this and you will find a simple and explained article on how to empty a shark vacuum. Here the instructions are inserted maintaining a sequence.

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How to find that the vacuum is dirty

Before emptying your shark vacuum, you must know why and when you have to empty. It is important to know when your vacuum becomes dirty. Only then you should empty the vacuum. Here below some reasons are explained to understand when to empty the vacuum.

1) There will be a loss of suction power

If the filters get clogged then there will be a loss of power in the machine. The vacuum won’t work as before smoothly. And it is the primary indication that your vacuum has become dirty. If the dirt cup is full of debris and dirt, then there will be also some system loss and you won’t get as much power before.

2) The unpleasant odor will arise

There also can arise bad odor. This indicates that the dirt cup has become full of debris, dirt, and dust and these are liable for making this odor. And this is warning you that you have to empty and clean the vacuum as soon as possible. Otherwise, the odor won’t go away rather than increasing.

3) Some unwanted sound

Unpleasant sound means the sound which doesn’t occur normally. So this indicates that the machine isn’t being able to suck the debris properly. They get stuck in the filter during suction. So you need to empty the vacuum quickly.

4) Not clearing the dirt fully

That is the most basic indication that the machine isn’t cleaning the dirt fully. This can happen for not cleaning the dirt cup for a long time and the dirt become full into the vacuum.

Empty the shark vacuum

So, now you have to empty the vacuum after the above indication. For that, you have to empty in two ways. But before that, you have to separate the dust cup from the vacuum. Here are below by following step by step:

  • At first turn off your shark vacuum cleaner.
  • Unplug the vacuum from the electric line.
  • Then you have to release the dust cup
  • You have to release the dust cap from the dust cup handle
  • For that, you have to press the release latch on the handle
  • Then just put that cup up from the body

Now, here the two ways of emptying the vacuum. The first one is you have to clean the debris by opening the downside lid and then you have to open the upside door. Because in the dust cup there are edges and if you clean from both sides then there will be a clean dust cup as unused one.

Opening the down lid

  • Set it over the trash bin
  • Now, press the release switch on the bottom door
  • The down lid will get open
  • Remove the dust and debris from the cup as much as possible
  • Then press the down door shut
  • Until the door sounds click, shut the door

Opening the bottom lid

  • At first press the top door release button
  • Then upside down the cup
  • Thus leftover debris will get out from the cup
  • All the debris now in the trash bin

Now put the dust cap back on the vacuum. Press on the cup until you hear the click sound. Otherwise, the cup won’t be attached properly on the vacuum.

Now check the shark vacuum by starting the vacuum. If it now doesn’t create a different sound and properly cleans the dust off your house with full suction power then you won’t need to worry anymore. You have successfully empty the shark vacuum. But furthermore, the vacuum loses suction power and can’t fully clean the dust then you may need to care now to empty the filters from debris and clogging.

Clean the filter system:

There is basically a two-filter system. One is a plastic filter system and another one is the HEPA filter system. You have to first clear the plastic filter.

Plastic filter system:

After getting all the debris out from the container or cup. Now set the plastic system out and then rinse the plastic filter properly with the water and clean until the freshwater doesn’t come out from the filter. Now let the filter dry at least for 24 hours. Let the different parts of the filter to dry properly. You should use the filter and other parts after drying it fully.

HEPA filter system

Under the dirt cup, you will find the HEPA filter. Remove the filter carefully. There may be two or three sets of the filter with the shark vacuum. Now clean the filters following the below steps:

  • Rinse the filter properly with clean water
  • Rinse them by squeezing them by your hands properly
  • Wash until the freshwater comes out from the filter
  • Then extract extra water from the filter by squeezing
  • Let them dry for 24 or 48 hours to dry
  • Don’t use a wet HEPA filter
  • Until it dries, use the extra set of HEPA filter
  • Now, you can use the shark vacuum cleaner without any disturbance.


There is no such vacuum that doesn’t clog. And there is no use for cleaning the house with and clogged vacuum cleaner. You must empty the vacuum and also clean the vacuum regularly. And it is dangerous too to use a clogged vacuum cleaner. Another thing to include is that you should also clean the rotating brush regularly. Hair, debris, pet hair any wire-type materials can be stuck with the brush. So, wash that too.

We believe that you have read this article carefully and learned already how to empty a shark vacuum. Now enjoy your clean house and don’t forget to clean the vacuum every week.

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