How to clean unfinished wooden floors

Do you need to clean your wooden floor with a simple detergent? Or you will need some other types of cleaner also?

Yes. This is not only about cleaning the unfinished wooden floor with just water. You need to know properly how to clean unfinished wooden floors. It is not a complex job though we have tried to make your head around.

Such cool ways for you are waiting here! Let them dig out!

What you will need

You will know first what you will need to clean the unfinished wooden floors. Some of the options may not be available for you and that’s why we have added several types of the cleaning process. Here are those:

Using black soap

  • Microfiber Broom
  • A hard bristled brush
  • Black soap
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Sandpaper
  • Floor oil

Using mineral spirit:

  • Soft brush
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Adhesive rubber
  • Non-abrasive cloth or pad
  • Mineral spirit or Trisodium Phosphate

Follow these steps

The two processes are not actually named processes. But both of the additives are popular for cleaning deep. So here are:

For black soap:

Sweep any dust:

You have to first sweep the dust away from the floor. That will initially clean the wooden floor. Use the microfiber broom to sweep the floor.

Sand the wood:

With a bare hand, you have to sand the floor with a fine-grit sandpaper. With this, you will be able to give the floor a refinish look. Remember one thing that your floor is made of wood and that’s why if you continuously sand the wood then it can actually harm your floor. So keep the rolling pressure into the medium level.

Clean again:

You have to sweep the floor again to clean the sawdust. This time also needs to use the microfiber boom.

Black soap:

Put a cup of black soap into a bucket of warm water. Now, use the hard bristle brush and dampen it into the mixer of black soap and water. Then mop the floor fully with this brush. Always try to start moving from a corner of the floor and then slowly move to another portion. After finishing the cleaning let the floor dry for at least 1 hour.

Floor oil:

With this type of cleaning oil, you can give your floor a better finishing and also better wear resistance. This is a kind of finishing product. Now pour the floor oil onto a bucket. Use a microfiber cloth to clean the wooden floor. Stroke the floor to make coated properly. After coating, leave the floor to dry for 1 hour. Then again apply floor oil and dry the floor for again 1 hour.

Now your floor has become protected. And you have cleaned the floor properly.

For spirit or phosphate:

  • Clean the debris: In the unfinished wood, you will find several pieces of debris. They won’t be very much larger actually will be very smaller. You have to clean that debris with a soft brush. We are suggesting the soft one as it won’t damage the wooden floor. You can also use a vacuum after gathering the debris.
  • Wipe the surface of the wood: Usually, the microfiber cloth is very smooth and easy to clean any garden space. You can clean the surface by sweeping the floor. You can collect the dirt into a place and then you can use a vacuum.
  • Roll the rubber: With a sticky natural rubber, you can clean the crevices on the floor. Simply you have to roll the sticky rubber to the floor. The dirt will automatically get too stuck with the rubber. Where it is hard to reach the other stain removers, with a natural rubber you can easily remove the dust.
  • Spray mineral spirits: These spirits are the best to remove any wax on the floor. As many people use this to clean, you can also use it. But you have to be careful when using. You have to spray over the wooden floor. Don’t just pour. Otherwise, it will badly affect the floor. Mix with some water before spraying. After spraying you need to use a non-abrasive cloth to wipe the floor.
  • Rinse with Tri-Sodium Phosphate: Trisodium phosphate is a kind of powder. This can be used effectively to remove the stain from the wooden floor. Use a scrub brush to mope the floor. Rinse the brush into warm water mixed with trisodium phosphate. For these two chemicals, after cleaning use a clean cloth to wipe the floor. This will help to dry the floor quickly.

Natural way:

Yes! It is possible to use a more eco-friendly way to clean the wooden floor. Vinegar can be the best option to clean the floor. This is non-toxic but acidic so along with cleaning purposes it is safe also.

As with the other process, you have to clean the floor as usual. You can use a soft brush or broom to clean the debris first. Then use a cloth to gather the dust. And then use the vinegar solution.

To make the vinegar solution you have to mix 2 cups of vinegar with a minimum of one gallon of water. With a clean towel damp it into the solution. Then mop the whole floor. Otherwise, if it seems not perfect to move around with a bucket, you can also spray the solution on the floor and then wipe.

You can get the floor free from strain and dust this way.


Now, you know how to clean unfinished wooden floors. It is not very tough but is important to follow the steps to make your wooden floor fully cleaned. Just assure the safety precautions before applying these steps. When applying mineral spirits, open the windows as this product is flammable.

So clean your unfinished wooden floor and make your living place clean and healthy.

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