How Does A Vacuum Cleaner Work

Vacuum cleaner, the most helpful cleaning gadget ever invented. Whenever it’s about cleaning heavy dust with less effort vacuum cleaner is the only hope. However, we use this device at least once a day and this use can be up to 10 or more each day in many places. But do we know how does a vacuum cleaner works? Probably, most of us don’t.

It’s great to know the working procedure of your vac before you use it. Because just by knowing its working process you can save your vacuum cleaner from damage and also repair your own in case of minor mechanical errors. Isn’t it interesting? Let’s know the working process of the vacuum cleaner and enrich the idea on it.

Various Parts of Vacuum Cleaner

Before knowing the detailing process, you have to get introduced to its parts. Though the machine is wrapped with a fancy metallic cover and so the inner parts are unseen. And it’s impossible to break such an expensive gadget just to see what’s inside. But kids can do the job unconsciously if you leave them alone with your so costly vac machine. So, keep them away from the vacuum cleaner to store them safely. Know the inner and outer working parts below.

  • Motor: This is the heart of your vacuum cleaner. A super speedy fan is attached to the motor that creates a force through the nozzle and a suction process starts.
  • Hose: It mainly provides enough space to clean with the larger area. Basically, it expands the range of clean.
  • Nozzle: A power nozzle is mainly the edge of a vacuum cleaner. The nozzle goes over the dirt and debris to clean them by pulling them inside.
  • Brush Roller: Attached to the power nozzle and does the job of deep cleaning. The brush attached to the role can clean things like rugs and carpets very well.
  • Power Head: This gives the facility to adjust the height of the brush roller for different floor cleaning.
  • Filter: A vacuum cleaner has 2 types of filters. One works to prevent debris from entering the inner motor and mechanism areas and the other ensures the air released from the vac is clean and dust-free.
  • Dust Cup: The dirt and debris your machine sucks are gathered into a cup. There is a limitation on dirt absorption. Once the cup is full it won’t load dirt or debris anymore.
  • Cyclone: This cyclonic technology funnels all the dirt and debris you clean inside the dust cups until the dust cup is fully loaded.
  • Headlight: A headlight is attached to the edge of a vacuum cleaner over the power nozzle. It helps you to see the dirt and debris even in the darker corners.
  • Power Switch: Every vacuum cleaner has a power switch that turns on and off the vacuum cleaner and starts the process.

Vacuum Cleaner Working Process

So, you have known all the parts included in a vacuum cleaner very well. Now it’s easier to understand the detailing process hopefully. Because, if you were told the names with whom you are not introduced and directly explain what their duty is, it would have been quite tough to understand exactly what part is explained. That’s why before going through the process in detail we have made a list of vacuum parts up. Now, you can easily trace which part is doing what. Here is the process in detail for you. Just go through the points and know the answer you are waiting for.

  • A vacuum cleaner works just like sucking juice with a straw. When you suck through the straw you force the liquid to be absorbed by your mouth. The vacuum cleaner does the same job.
  • The main power starts when the power cord is attached to the electricity. The electric power gives it the ability to work properly.
  • After connecting to the electric power it has to be turned on by the power switch. When you turn on the power switch the fan of the motor starts rotating. This rotating fan creates a force with air that sucks dirt and debris you point on. The way our heart keeps us alive with its beat motor fan keeps the vacuum cleaner working with its non-stop rotating system.
  • The vacuum cleaner runs with the cyclonic power continuously and sucks the dirt and debris until the dust cup is full. Once the cup is full it needs to be empty otherwise it won’t suck any kind of dirt or dust the next time.
  • Besides, the brush roll rotates with the help of a belt and does the work of cleaning.

You can fix the height of your brush roll with the powerhead if needed. And the attachment set you got with the device brings versatility in the cleaning process.

  • During this process, an inner filter releases the air out of the vacuum cleaner sucked in ensuring that they are clean. And the other filter prevents the dust to go to the critical mechanical areas. Because if any kinds of dust or debris enter the mechanical areas it will stop the entire working process.
  • A vacuum cleaner may have different amazing features like a headlight, attachments, wand, digital controlling display, and many more. The use of these features is various in different vacuum cleaners.


So, this is the working process of a vacuum cleaner. The part’s introduction up will help you to get a clear idea for sure. If you have read the article thoroughly you must have been very clear about how does a vacuum cleaner works by now. Besides, knowing the process well will help you to detect what kind of problem your vacuum cleaner is having. Hope the article was helpful. Thanks for being with us until the end.

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