Kirby and Dyson, both are leading the market. Though Kirby is one of the oldest brands who sell the only vacuum, Dyson has also come in limelight for its newer invention of high-tech suction and warranty. Whatever people are choosing Kirby and Dyson both for better cleaning purpose.

Now, we are going to give you an overview of these two brand vacuum cleaner and that will help you to choose what one you should buy.

Dyson vs Kirby Know the Basic


After the First World War, Kirby launched themselves as a vacuum cleaner manufacturing company. Their first product was the manual vacuum cleaner. As the time passed they offered people their new vacuum cleaner adding new functions like floor nozzle and handle.

Kirby Avalir G10DMultifunctional cleaning options have been installed in today’s Kirby vacuum cleaner. Such as you can use a Kirby vacuum cleaner as a canister, air compressor, hand portable or for shampoo the carpets as well. So with the great amazing attachments of this magic machine, you will get a tremendous clean to your house at ease.     


 Dyson V8 A British company of this era who has established their company recently in 1991. A large home appliance manufacturer company who not only design and build the vacuum cleaner but also other types of home products like bladeless fans, hair care, heaters, lighting.

Dyson uses a new two stages cyclone system which can easily extract the dust from the air and also other particles. Upright, canister, handheld, cordless type models are available in Dyson vacuum cleaner products. So, with the new cleaning objects of Dyson Company, you can fully clean your house with Dyson vacuum cleaners.     

Dyson vs Kirby Product Overview

For every detailed topic, we have to make a basic comparison between Kirby and Dyson vacuum cleaner. Let’s see those points in Dyson and Kirby separately.  


Dyson makes the vacuum cleaner body with plastic. What people say that the plastic body won’t stay long is not always true at all. It provides 5 years parts and labor warranty.

Because of the lightweight, you can easily carry the vacuum up to the stairs and you can clean those places also where hard to catch the dust.Dyson has only one side suction ability from the power nozzle. When the dust is full Dyson doesn’t lose the power of suction at all. But it seems less air flow in the air flow meter.Dyson filtrates the dust and allergen normally by HEPA filtration but the seals aren’t much tight which can lead the dust free from the filter.

Dyson vacuum cleaner weighs only 18lbs and for the plastic body, it is very easy to control the movement. There is also the self-propelled system which will let you run the machine at ease.Dyson vacuum doesn’t carry any dust bag at all. It is a Bagless vacuum cleaner. It is easy to empty the canister only a time after it gets full. But it is messy to deal with the bagless vacuum. You can’t deny that the dust will try to sort the way of getting out easily. But HEPA filter doesn’t have such tight filtration.      

The Dyson has three onboard tools like duster brush, crevice tool, upholstery tool. It has also a turbo tool and turbo tool for pet owners.  


The old brand Kirby make the body with light metal. So it is long lasting and not breakable at heavyweight. But it has 3 years parts and labor warranty.

Kirby has the suction power all over the way. And Kirby doesn’t also lose the suction power when full of dust. And also it is proven that the air flow is much powerful by the airflow meter.   As like Dyson, Kirby has also HEPA filter but there is a difference in sealing. There are more like two tight seals which are perfect to make the dust compacted.

Kirby vacuum’s weight is 23lbs and the suctioning is not self-propelled. Actually, there creates a seal on the vacuum with the carpet that doesn’t let push the vacuum easily.But the heavyweight won’t let you clean the hard to reach areas at ease. Whether the metal is heavy and it may also be hard for you to carry the cleaner for long at upstairs.

Kirby provides dust bag. It is too much conventional but it is safe to clean properly. You need to just clean the bag repeatedly. Kirby provides upholstery tool, duster brush, floor tool, extension wands (2 pieces), tool caddy, Zipp brush and many more.

Kirby has a shampoo system for your carpets. You can make the carpets clean as a new without washing it and for that this shampoo system is the best.

What you can do: Dyson vs Kirby

Dyson vs KirbyThere is no such vacuum model which doesn’t clog. It is not possible at all. So for that reason in both Dyson and Kirby models, you can separate the suction tubes. You can then clean at ease. But the fact is these two company claim about not to clog.

Kirby has the high-efficiency powerful motor, and during the full of dust, it works better. Dyson vacuum doesn’t lose power also in this situation but it seems less power in the comparison.

The Kirby model can be used to clean the sofas, chairs, furniture and most importantly the carpets. With the Dyson model, it is easy to suck dust with such powerful machines. It will let you easy to clean the debris on the carpets.   

The Dyson and Kirby models can be used for both commercial and household use. But Dyson is a handy machine to use in both office and house.


If we say straightly that Dyson vs Kirby this brand is beat in the market. That won’t be right at all. Because there are different terms and factors which matter when to choose the perfect ones. And another fact is there are no perfect ones on the market. But you have to compromise that and have to choose the best quality from the available in the market. Kirby is the best at performance but not much user-friendly. But the recent models have a stick system to make it user-friendly. Dyson models are also better at performance than other brands. This brands vacuum is best to use at ease.   

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