Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner review

The Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner can be a reliable auto cleaning friend for your pool. You don’t need to move a muscle to clean all the dirt and debris off your pool. It is regarded as the Flagship surprise of the Dolphin Pool Cleaners. Maytronics known as the world’s leader in robotic pool cleaning technology made The Dolphin Premier pool cleaner. It is an advanced residential pool cleaner. In 2013 it was first released, and in 2016 updated. It even has its own dedicated website. You can call it the Michael Jordan of robotic pool cleaners.

The 2017 Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner draws the attention of many people in spite of many options when it comes to premium automatic pool cleaners. Why they choose it? its powerful DC motors, great ability to clean properly all different types of debris from the bottom and the sides of the pool is its biggest reason. Besides, when you compare to similar products at similar prices, you will clearly feel the better performance of this cleaning little robot. Just calculate its magical saving time offer. You will discover the price is actually very reasonable compared to similar models.

The Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner saves you the trouble of cleaning on your own. It is totally automatic cleaner. So welcome to stay tuned to see its brand, product description, feature, pros as well as cons with the final decision.

As a conscious user naturally some questions will come to your mind. Does it live up to high expectations? What are the important pros as well as cons of the Dolphin Premier robotic pool cleaner? What is the key information about this robotic vacuum cleaner for mid-sized pools? Are they for or clearly against the unit? Moreover, as it is the version of 2017 should it be worth upgrading from the last version?

The Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner looks little. But its action like a giant. Electronic or human no matter it can challenge any cleaner. Normal pool cleaners are not as special and different from the Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner. It clearly proved itself as the ultimate cleaner due to endless developing hours, dedication, and research. It cleans all spots, step,s or crevice unattended. It is a big advantage comparing many other available market cleaners. They cannot do the job as efficiently as this.

The Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner has a lot to offer. It packed with many high-tech features including an excellent SmartNav mapping system. You can easily daily run it. It may be 2x per week or 3x per week as it is programmable.

It has some drawbacks too like the unit is too heavy. So, you may wonder is the Dolphin Premier worth your money? To find the exact answer let’s dig deeper and see its offer as well as how well it cleans. Just keep reading for our in-depth review.

One of the best features of the Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner is its strong ability to clean all different types of debris from the pool bottom with its four modes smartly. It is ideal from fine particles of dirt and algae to bigger things like leaves or mulch. If you live in a windy place, undoubtedly this versatility is essential. The Dolphin Premier won’t disappoint you regarding this issue. It usually picks up all different types of unwanted elements equally well. Some other market-available robotic cleaners struggle hard to pick up larger debris like leaves and sticks.

The Dolphin Premier is more actionable than most other robot pool cleaners out there. The reinforced motor belts and upgraded tire treads showed the latest upgraded version features. Naturally, Maytronics felt confident with giving The Dolphin Premier a 3-year warranty.

But you know quality never does come cheap. The Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner is pricey. Do you need to ask if the Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner is best for you? Or are there any cheaper options? This Dolphin Premier review will clearly help you find the answers to take a decision.

Cleaning power of The Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner

The Dolphin Premier is a very powerful, thorough cleaning system.

One of the best features of the Dolphin premier is its energy efficiency. It keeps energy costs remarkably low as it is intelligent. SmartNav scanning & navigation system is another excellent feature. It optimizes the cleaning process of your pool through scans and maps. Thus the Dolphin premier ensures the Premier cleans efficiently, quickly, and thoroughly. The Dolphin Premier uses a HyperGrip continuous rubber track system.

It keeps the cleaner planted on the surface of your pool. It smartly works in two ways- whether it is moving along the floor, the steps of the pool, or the wall. As the Dolphin premier moves, two high-RPM brushes confirm that every inch of your pool is scrubbed completely clean. They are capable to remove any stuck debris. It includes all small stuff like bacteria and algae.

In a filtering media, all these contaminants are then collected that you can choose. You can choose from four different filters which are available for the Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner. It included standard filter cartridges, micro-cartridges, disposable debris bags, and an oversized debris bag. Thus this wonderfully allows the cleaner to catch almost unwanted everything. It may be twigged to large leaves. It can even catch tiny algae and bacteria.

The Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner also includes an LED alert. When the filter cartridge or debris bag is full it will inform you. Your dear pool will be sparkling clean at the completion of the cleaning cycle. Just some vertical surface areas like the steps may need some manual work. But overall, the new Dolphin Premier does a great job to make you happy a lot.

Features of the Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner We Like

1. Filter Media with Swappable option

The Dolphin Premier presents this latest innovative feature. Today’s market sets it different from all other robotic pool cleaners. None offers it.

Just like a tailor the Dolphin Premiere you can set and use for any cleaning need. You can do it by swapping out its filter cartridge media. You have four options of changing from one media to another which is fast and easy. They are:

The standard cartridge ensures the removal of dirt, sand, and other visible contaminants.

The micro-cartridge filter used for small bacteria and algae.

The permanent and disposable debris bags allows capturing larger debris, such as twigs and leaves.

2. Smart Navigation

Another eye-catching feature of the Premier. It comes with SmartNav software. It will guide you smartly on an optimal cleaning path around your pool.

Interestingly SmartNav scans all of your pool’s surfaces intelligently and decides the best path to take.

Besides, it prevents a repetition of the cleaner which area it already cleaned.

Last but not the least, SmartNav keeps the cleaner from getting stuck when moving over drains and other obstacles. It senses obstacles as well as sharply remembers them for next time.

3. Anti-Tangle Swivel Cable

You know well the pain of a tangled cable. It is quite annoying for any robotic pool cleaners. Tangled cables can stop a cleaner in its track. More worse it will bound you to continuously keep an eye out for the problem.

The Dolphin Premier comes with a proprietary anti-tangle swivel cable to prevent this. The smart Anti-Tangle Swivel Cable is able to rotate a full 360 degrees as the cleaner moves around in your pool.

It efficiently reduces frictional drag and allows better movement through the water as the Premier has a cable of 60-foot long.

4. HyperGrip Continuous Rubber Tracks

The Dolphin Premier works as a little giant when staying in the pool. It is able to move steadily, even along vertical walls without any trouble.

It can do it smoothly because the premiers as a surprise instead of wheels use HyperGrip continuous rubber tracks.

The cleaner firmly keeps a solid footing by using tracks through the cleaning cycle.

The tracks counter any loss of friction caused by water with grip the surface strongly.

The Dolphin Premier set the cleaner to climb over steps, drains, and walls easily.

5. PowerClean Brushes

The Dolphin Premier ensure completely to get small debris as well as algae out of your pool’s floor and walls uses two high-speed spinning brushes .

The on-board software basically give direction to the PowerClean brushes. The cleaners positions itself following its instruction. Thus the brushes can reach the waterline, deep inside pool corners, and every inch on the floor.

6. Easy to Repair/ Modular Design

Whenever you think for such a highly engineered device, naturally maintenance is usually a big challenge. And labor rate of repair robotic pool cleaner is just too annoying.

Good news! Maytronics thought the barrier. So, their engineers using a modular component design built the Premiere. You can individually removed and replaced motors, cleaning systems and even electronics without any trouble.

7. Efficient Motors

Powerful electrical motors usually operate pool cleaners. The Dolphin Premier offers an efficient set running it. Its excellent 24-volt motors operate on 90% less power than the other normal AC booster pumps. The surprising result will be only 5 cents an hour to operate this energy efficient cleaner. It cleans the pool fast. You can easily afford this pool cleaner on a regular basis to ensure a crystal clean pool.

8. Multi-media system

The Dolphin Premier use a multi-media system. You can choose your desired cleaning step from a filtration system to a cleaning bag. It can deal with various situations. Such great option ensure to clean all type of dirt without any trouble from your pool.

9. Full Automatic

If you are a multitasker than a pleasant news awaits for you. The 2017 Dolphin Premier is fully automatic. It will smoothly clean your pool without your presence. No supervision, no check. Just come back later and pack it.

Product Specifications

Item weight 36 pounds

Remote control includes

Cleaning cycle time about 2.5 hour

Ideal for in-ground and above-ground pools

DC motors with Dual 24-volt

3-Year Non-Prorated Warranty

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