The Best 5 Shark Vacuum Filters of 2021- Reviews

Is your shark vacuum cleaner is working properly or not, Vacuum provides you less suction. That’s means something happens in the vacuum cleaner need to check with proper way because how often you have cleaned it. Many of us using vacuum. something went wrong they start to ignore it. Before you visit to the repair company, most of the cases its not broken, The Shark vacuum cleaner requires a proper cleaning. Don’t clean your shark vacuum filter by using soap, Only water is enough for clean and by hand. Before reinserting the vacuum always effectuate the filter air dry. Before washing shark vacuum filters remove the dust, dirt from the vacuum.

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How often you should  clean the filter in your vacuum?

We refer to you keeps on checking and cleaning your dustbin when it is empty. Changing filters for every 6 month for your cleaning frequent.

Your favorite shark vacuum filter cleaning do an important job for health by removing dust particles, dirt, messes and allergens from the air sucked by your vacuum.

How do you clean your filters?

Start filling water inside the bucket and a small amount of cleaning detergent, Sink the filter in the water and vortex it around using your hands to quicken dust and dirt out of the filter material.

Vacuum filters should be cleaned for every three month or yearly four times must be clean your vacuum. if you delay for cleaning your vacuum it shows some signs to shark it’s the time to clean the cleaner.

The Signs are:

  • It reduces the suction power.
  • The vacuum leave some dust and dirt during cleaning.
  • vacuum produces sounds.

How to clean the shark vacuum cleaner?

There are plenty of shark models designed by the manufacture and These products are there in the market its like the many of variable components are located in different places so you’ll need to consult your model- specific manual for where to find parts and remove it and replace it.

1. Disconnect the plug by removing the socket or unplug and disassemble.

First step disconnect the plug by removing the socket. Preferably you should clean your vacuum outdoors is their any dust included inside the vacuum filter. if possible cover a sheet under the vacuum to avoid storing of any dust, dirt.

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2. Clean the dust canister

Second step, remove the Canister from the Shark vacuum cleaner dispose of a dust into disposal bag. The canister wash thoroughly using microfiber cloth and soapy water and soak it for few minutes. Again rinse it in cold water and allow it to air dry.
Be careful, The canister must be completely dry before reassembled. This may take hardly 24 hours to dry.

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3. Clean the filters properly

Third step: Your removing the canister from the vacuum, you seen the filters. Depends on your shark vacuum model. The filters are made by foam rubber, extra filter are may be made of felt.
immerse the foam rubber filter into the soapy water and wash them perfectly, The filters will look like stained even after good scrubbing. Shark’s doesn’t recommend washing felt filters as they get easy for damage. So wash them loosen the dirt and wipe them.

4. Sanitary the brush head.

The rotating brush endures the brunt of the cleaning you’ll find and seen some of the dust and debris like hairs, string cereals are suck on it. When you start clean the brush, separate the brush handle to its floor attachment. The floor attachment of shark models will having button at each end. press these buttons and separate the floor attachment to the brush.

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5. Empty the hose

When you start cleaning check your hose for any clog It causes an obstructing movement. If the clog is blocked. The simple way is to put it on hot water and run it. Close one end of the clog and shake well. Next step mix the baking soda and vinegar in a pot and pour as with the hot water you will cover one end and shake well for a minute.

6. Clean motorized floor nozzle

Once you disjoin from the connector check properly opening for any flow difficulties. Steer the floor nozzle upside down. It starts to gently to loose any dust or debris by using old toothbrush remove it.

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7. Reassemble the Vacuum

Once you finish your cleaning process, Reassemble all the parts of the vacuum and Take care of every component is totally dry .

The best shark vacuum filters 

1. Colorfullife 2 Hepa Filter 4 Foam for Shark Vacuum Navigator 

Check Price on Amazon

  • These filters are very compatible to fit for shark models.
  • Colorfullife filters are made by well-built strong, high quality and environmental protection model.
  • The kit included 4 pieces of foam and filter and 2 post motor filter replacement kit.
  • Washable and reusable filters.
  • Models are Colorfullife NV350, NV351, NV352, NV355, NV356E, NV357, NV360, NV370, NV391, UV440, UV490, UV500, UV540, UV541, UV550, Part XFF350 XHF350.

1. These filters fit perfectly and the horrible smell of old filters. The larger foam clean by hand wash and it worked well, but the gracile filter and the other hard one filter in the front couldn’t be washed. Just put washed filter in and used the vacuum and it smells like new.
2. It’s nice to have extras so you can use one while the other is drying. Make used to hand wash these in the sink. Now just put them in a laundry bag and throw them in the washer with the dog’s blankets. Do not dried them in the dryer. They are holding up nicely.
3. The dust filters were pretty dirty even though washed them. You can only wash the so often and then the pores open up too much.

  1.  Any open gaps in the vacuum, it will leave the motor susceptible to dust accumulation, which will slightly reduce the suction capability of your Shark vacuum. Reduces the life of the vacuum.
  2. The HEPA filter is nothing but bigger filter. These filters considerably bigger than the old one and the foam filter feels more dense than the original manufacturer filter. While the replacement did make vacuum sound louder.

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2. Colorfullife NV752, AZ1002 Filters for Shark Rotator 

Check Price on Amazon

  • These filters fit for shark vacuum model.
  • Filters are high quality and washable and reusable.
  • It made by high strength and provides protection for environment.
  • 100% able to exist for original machine.
  • There is no battery required.
  • It included 4 pcs of foam and felt set, 4 pcs of HEPA filters.
  1. These filters are fit and perfectly working, Usually just clean and replace your filters, But the permanent smell is not stopped when vacuuming, Even after cleaning the filters. The lingering musty smell is zero.
  2. Filters few affordable with fast shipping through amazon. Just washing mine for a certain time but they need to be replacing.
  3. Shark vacuum needs filters to cleaning process, You couldn’t believe  how much better vacuum work  through a new filters.
  1. Foam part of these filters are very thinner and they fit to the vacuum filter wall is also thinner from the shark. The felt filter is ok to fit to the vacuum but the hepa filters seems to be nothing rather than pleated paper. It’s very thin.
  2. Filters are good but it’s hard to use as long as from them, The life of the filters also important.

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3. Colorfullife Filters for Shark Navigator Zero-M Self-Cleaning

Check Price on Amazon

  • The NV251 and NV252 model called as compatible with shark navigator pet plus upright vacuum, ZU60, ZU62, ZU62C models are Compatible with Shark Navigator Zero-M Self-Cleaning Brush roll Pet Pro Upright Vacuum.
  • The completer vacuum filtration system made by 4 pcs foam and 4pcs HEPA filters.
  • Foam filters are high quality and 60 PPI density and thickness is more with textured surface.
  • Clean and replace the filters regularly Foam and felt filters replace by every 3 months.
  • Post filters are replaces by every 6 months.
  1. very easy to replace 3 parts. By replacing filters vacuum suction was getting good and no bad smells will comes in your vacuum.
  2. These model is perfect fit for cleaning and great quality and good price. We definitely recommended to getting these replacements.
  3. It fits to your vacuum perfect and no complaints  for working.
  1. Before installing the filter are correctly fit to the vacuum. The filters allowed all the dust to bypass and go into the motor even tough it was sealed properly. It is absolutely affected to the vacuum.

4. GreenVacShop 4+2 Pack Shark Navigator 

Check Price on Amazon

  • Filter set for your shark is high quality * compatible with the models such as NV350, NV351, NV352, NV353, NV354, NV355, NV356, NV356E, NV357, NV358, NV360, NV370, NV391, UV440, UV490, UV500, UV500WM, UV540, UV550, NVLFT199.
  • Filter set is identical to the original filter find in your shark.
  • Here Maximum filter technology included by showing 4pcs of foam filters with 60PPI density, 4pcs of thick felt filters with textured surface, and 2 HEPA filters with H12 efficiency.
  • Keeps your shark healthy by changing the filters the foam filters changed by 3 month once, Hepa filters changed by 6 month once. Easy to wash your filters and again reuse  it.
  1. The replacement filter parts fit into shark vacuum, and others have stated and replaced items are are better to fit and vacuum works like new product.
  2. It’s much cheaper that sharks brand filter but as for as it works best. And you found a good quality product and good value.
  3. The filters are a perfect fit for Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV356E.
  1. Some of the models the filters doesn’t fit perfectly.

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5.  3 Pack Filters for Shark Navigator

Check Price on Amazon

  • The Compatible models are NV350, NV351, NV352, NV355, NV356, NV356E, NV357, NV360, NV370, UV440, UV490, UV540, NVLFT199  and  compare to Part # XFF350 & XHF350.
  • The kit comes with 3 foam filters, 3 felt filters and 1 Shark navigator HEPA filter.
  • These vacuum is replacement for shark navigator is washable and reusable.
  • It includes maximum efficiency filter technology help to clean dirt and fresh air in your home or office.
  1. This model as good as other knock off brand and cheaper. Sometimes it requires lots of pressure needed to close HEPA filters and you have to careful. Shark brand is easier to use but the cost savings are worth the extra min. Every 6 month must be changed HEPA filters and wash the foam every 2 weeks. The vacuums seems to run much better when you keep up the filters.
  2. Once you buy in shark navigator you keep on years ago by cleaning the filters fairly ago. Fast delivery and easy to install all the parts suction was good for new brand.
  1. The HEPA filter are lager in size and it is big for vacuum. If you get into the vacuum. For once you put the HEPA cover back on. Attempting to use the vacuum once another must needs replacement filters. The HEPA filter popped out during use.


Shark models are best fit  for cleaning. High quality spare part is fit for  selected brands of shark vacuum cleaner, When cleaning foam filters  on shark it is the right way to maintain your vacuum healthy and work on well. Cleaning your shark vacuum filters on regular basis keeps on working effectively and efficiently.

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