10 Best carpet sweeper 2018 : Reviews and Buying Guide

With an adjustable height coupled with a long handle, you are good to go for cleaning mess done at any height. Unlike Vaccum cleaners, they do not store dirt but have the ability to pick up large dirt which could not be atoned with the use of a vacuum. This coupled with the ability to provide a panacea even in places where there are no electricity or power supply as there are Manual Carpet Sweepers as well as Electric Carpet sweepers makes it a fantastic choice.


There are two (2) types of carpet sweepers namely the Manual and the Electrical Carpet sweepers.

The Manual Carpet Sweepers made up of a box equipped with a roller and brushes knotted together by a belt or gear. They function perfectly as well as in their powerless fashion. They are lighter than the electric version and are economically friendly.

The Electrical Carpet Sweepers have rechargeable batteries and motors to power the machine which distinguishes it from the manual type. With the choice of electric carpet sweepers comes the option of selecting either a corded or cordless carpet sweeper.

Both versions of the Carpet sweepers work using the same principle, though the electrical type has a larger extract coverage, this is due to its wider brush width.

Different products of the carpet sweepers have been produced to meet different peoples need and requirement, however, a quick look into the general features of all reveal that they are produced based on

PORTABILITY: Diverse products have been made to provide a lightweight version that can be stored in a little space away from sight, as well as having the ability to have quick access to cleaning dirt.

BLADE TYPE: Different (2) blade types exist for the carpet sweepers namely the Bristle brush blades which have a high ability to sweep large debris as well as the rubber blades which are excellent at sweeping fine debris on hard surfaces.

BRUSH WIDTH: Different Carpet sweepers provides different options for brush-width, ranging from 8 inches to 12 inches depending on the size of the model. With the smaller ones offering quick access to maneuver over the dirt, the larger brush widths provide quick access to getting it done.

EFFICIENCY: When the name of carpet sweepers are mentioned, the need to have some with the superb ability for debris collection comes to mind

Other features which are considered also include time to recharge, cleaning power, quality of construction and materials as well as a range of other criteria.

A quick look into different products of Carpet Sweepers

1) RUBBERMAID CARPET SWEEPER: The Rubbermaid Carpet Sweeper is manual, lightweight, economic friendly. Its high fidelity ensures that cleaning is made easy with noise production as well as its small brush-width with which tough spots can be easily maneuvered. Constructed with durable galvanized steel and plastic to ensure that it easily provides fluent and smooth cleaning on bare floors and low pile carpets.

Its efficiency is rooted in its 6amps, nylon bristle material of 6½ length with a handle made of steel.


1) The rubber maid Carpet Sweeper is lightweight (3 pounds) and we recommend it for those who don’t like carrying heavy objects.

2) The absence of a motor also ensures that it makes less noise during cleaning as manual carpet sweepers make less noise than electric carpet sweepers.

3) The small blade width is advantageous, the small size makes cleaning quick and effortless.

4) The choice of a bristle brush blade is timely, as they have the capability to sweep large debris such as clumps of food as well as superb at going into depths of carpet to remove worked–in hair.


The Rubbermaid Carpet sweeper with its wonderful features is not without shortcomings.

1) With the small size of the blade they are not quick at sweeping floors with the large surface area.

2) The Rubbermaid Carpet sweeper been manual requires a lot of physical effort to get it moving.


The Bissell natural sweep carpet and floor sweeper has a dual brush rotating system as well as a 4 corner edge rotating system to help pick up diets from all corners of the brush. It is equipped with a multi-surface cleaner to provide fluent and efficient cleaning on rugs and hard floors. The dual brush roller picks up debris of all sizes such as bread, cereals, and pet hairs inclusive. With a considerable small cleaning path, the 9.5inches blade widths make it feasible to easily clean up dirt on hard surfaces at a snap coupled with the fact that it is portable (4 2lb).


1). The Bissell Natural has a simple, PVC-free streamlined design that can be easily maintained, in addition to its highly efficient waste management profile.

2). Its double brush has the ability to pick up dirt in both movement(Forward and Backward)

3). The simple and effective carpet sweeper is made from 100% recycled plastic products hence its portability.

4). It requires no electricity hence doesn’t run out of time as it doesn’t use rechargeable batteries nor motor.

5). Equipped with the small 4 rectangular blades which can grant access to the relatively hard-to-reach nooks and crannies of the room or offices.

6). The presence of a lever arm in this eco-friendly carpet sweeper allows users to evade touching debris.


1). The Bissell Natural sweep carpet and floor sweeper has a relatively lesser efficiency when used to sweep grounds with large surface areas.

2). It requires a considerable amount of physical effort to push it while cleaning.

3). Though 4.2lb is lightweight, it appears considerably heavy in the world of carpet sweepers.


The Fuller brush electrostatic carpet and floor sweeper is the masterpiece of quality material delivered to its fans. It’s lightweight, natural boar bristle handle and firm metal handle are superb features which make the carpet and floor sweepers a fantastic option for all restaurant. The delight of folding it and keeping it in stores, away from eyesight coupled with the snappy picking of both frumpy and fine particle mess. It creates electrostatic charges to sweep mess during the active sweeping process to give your house the look you have been looking for. The natural boar bristle brush expertly lays hold of the mess and removes them.

An extra vinyl blade rotor could be a helpful tool in the event of an extra messy situation. We suggest fuller brush electrostatic carpet and floor sweeper for those having cats as a pet, as all cat hairs can be easily done with.


1). The Small cleaning path is a relatively moderate span coverage, giving the choice that it can easily latch on the mess in a snap

2). The Fuller brush electrostatic carpet and floor sweeper is cordless giving its users access to those tight areas.

3). The fuller brush electrostatic carpet and floor sweeper is economically friendly, with such amazing features.

4). With over 100years of expertise experience, Fuller gives an extra vinyl blade rotor ideal for cleaning up messy food.

5). The cordless electrostatic sweeper also means no restriction to an area that can be covered, as well as easy to empty dustbins that comes along with it.


1). With the use of a boar brush, there is a probability of unwinding occasions happening

2). Been an electric version of the carpet sweeper, it makes more noise compared to manual versions, though it provides more efficient cleaning.

3). There is limited run time, and cleaning of land with a large surface area could be problematic.


Another top quality, durable product from Bissell. The lightweight, motorless carpet sweeper is a fit for all homes, offices, and restaurants. It is an ideal tool for dry pickups and quick cleaning on bare floors and carpet. It can as well slide into tight furniture to clean fleurs and bunnies. With high efficiency, the cordless swift sweeper is a master at picking up a wide range of debris, from microscopic dirt and dust to pebbles.


1). The Bissell Swift carpet sweeper is probably the lightest carpet sweeper in the market, weighing just 2lb.

2)The rotating brush roll enables users to efficiently capture debris and pet hair.

3). The Swift Sweeper also has a rubber bumper around the exterior of the sweeper’s head, the soft rubber cushion serves as protection for furniture and baseboard against scratches and rasp.

4). Bissell offers replacement brushes so the sweeper can easily remove debris again with a relatively simple brush swap.

5). With replaceable brushes, Bissel swift sweep sweeper users can easily remove debris using a simple brush swap.


1). Though the cordless, lightweight motorless carpet sweeper offers great efficiency, the hard-working brush rollers soon become weak and wear down.

2). The cordless Bissell swift sweep has a limited run time.


The Ontel Swiver Sweeper Max is a powerful, cordless, lightweight carpet sweeper(2.4lb). It offers a dual action of efficient cleaning with a removable, reusable, bristle brush with a rechargeable battery which can give quick snap cleaning. Made with plastic, the low profile design with its flat head can fit perfectly under furniture as well as the nook and crannies of houses and offices. The Ontel Swivel Sweeper max, a moderate price carpet sweeper, makes a 360 degree spinning to remove debris large and small from surfaces on which it comes into contact.


1). One important purpose of a carpet sweeper is the elimination of the need to haul out the upright vacuum anytime you need quick dirt removal. The Ontel Swivel Max fits well for this with its low profile design

2). With its rechargeable battery-powered motor, it provides extra pick-up power, spinning at maximum speed to ensure an effortless, effective cleaning.

3). The Swivel Max sweeper head folds flat to the handle, hence its portability.

4). The swivel Max Sweeper is highly durable with replaceable and removable bristle brushes.


1). The cordless Ontel Swivel swift sweeper has a limited run time with 8 to 12 hours of charging giving about 45minutea effortless cleaning.

2). The Ontel Swivel Swift sweeper produces more sound as compared to other manual carpet sweepers due to the presence of a Motor.



Constructed with a durable galvanised metal and a strong ABS plastic, it boasts of superb features such as a 6.5′ sweeping path, a low profile design to ensure that its soft rubber wheels effortlessly provide an effective cleaning on all hard surfaces and an easily disposable dirt tray.

It is also equipped with two type of brushes to provide a dual action cleaning on floor surface as well as cleaning semi-Liquid debris.


1). It ensures that optimum cleaning and versatility is feasible with its rubber blades and bristle brush blade, hence it provides a dual action of action

2). It is an highly durable carpet sweeper made from galvanised metal and ABS plastic.

3). An efficient 6½ sweeping path gives it easy access to tight spots and makes picking up of debris easy on tiles and floors.


1).The rubber maid commercial galvanised steel floor and carpet sweeper does not have a replaceable part.

2).It is not so efficient on the carpet although it effortlessly clears debris on tiles and hard floor.


The cordless, quiet carpet sweeper is equipped with three brushes to give an effective cleaning of debris and crimps. It also feature a small adjustable height knob which makes cleaning even easier. Leifheit classic manual rotaro carpet sweeper is a manual, flat-lying, low profile design with a relatively small sweeping path. The all natural bristle brushes is the answer to all dirt on carpets and low-pile rug.


1). It is equipped with removable dirt trays from which debris and other crumps can easily removed.

2). There is a collapsible handle tilt which perfectly fit into the furniture funders as well as tight corners.

3). It also include a brush comb to remove hair and debris that got trapped in brushes.

4). This cordless manual sweeper ensure that its user can use it where there is no access to electricity.


1). The lefheit classic manual rotaro carpet sweeper is not as effective as the electric carpet sweeper.

2). There is a need for some physical effort to ensure that carpet sweeper gets to its desired position.


This carpet sweeper makes available some superb features such as rotary sweeper, steel handle,natural bristle brush which makes cleaning effective. The manual carpet/floor sweeper does not need an electricity nor rechargeable batteries before it can be used.


1). It is made from quality materials hence highly durable and additionally,it is portable and lightweight.

2). It does not need an electric supply nor rechargeable batteries to power it before it cleans debris and dirts.

3). The cleaner is a great answer for quick pick up of pet hairs and particles with a superb sweeping path which makes tight spot easily accessible.


1). It is not quite as effective as electric carpet sweepers.

2). It requires quite so much physical effort to get it moving.


Oreck restaurateur floor sweeper is the answer to large debris such as straight pins, paperclips, cigarette as well as fine particles like pet hairs and thread. With amazing features such as 12.5 cleaning path, removable blade, easy open dustbins as well as other fantastic features to give value to its users.


1). It can pick up both dry and wet debris.

2). It has a wide sweeping path hence a good option for cleaning open space.

3). The dustbin can be opened for emptying; with removable wipers which can be washed under running water as well.


1). It is relatively heavy when compared to manual carpet sweepers.

2). It produces too much noise as well as a limited run time.


This is an electric cordless, rechargeable carpet sweeper which ensures an effortless, quick cleaning of debris. The 10-inch powerful motorised brush gets rid of any kind of dirtalln al surfaces. The shark 10′ rechargeable floor and carpet sweeper is lightweight and can be maneuvered easily to sweep debris of all size.


1). It possesses an adjustable back saver folding wand, giving access to reach under furniture as well as tight spaces.

2). It is highly effective and gives quick pick up cleaning of debris to its users.


1) It has a limited run time as the batteries needed to be recharged to give optimum performance.

2). It is not efficient on all surfaces especially hardwood floors.


It is pertinent to note that keeping your floors clean is a continual exercise which must be embraced by all, the use of carpet sweepers makes it even easier.

While there are different types and diverse products of carpet sweepers in the market, all with superb features to ensure that you get value for your price.

We suggest you consider different options before choosing a particular carpet sweeper as they all come with advantages and shortcomings.

We recommend that you base your choice of carpet sweepers on criteria such as Price, Manual or Electricity version, sweeping path, Blade type as well as the type of brush and brush width.



ANS: Homes with pets like dogs and cats usually require extra effort to clear the pet hairs. While you don’t need a specific type of carpet sweeper, note that electric carpet sweepers are more effective at cleaning pet hairs than manual carpet sweepers.


ANS: While carpet sweepers ensure that your floors are kept clean, it is important to note that different carpet sweepers are more efficient at different types, with some being highly efficient on hard floors and other the t the low pile of carpets and tiles


ANS: No, while some manufacturers make replaceable parts, some don’t. We suggest that you consider this choice while choosing favorite carpet sweepers.

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